Condenser Check – Priority in Central Air Conditioning Repair

Central Air Conditioning Repair

It is often found that after your central air conditioning system has not been used for quite a few months, it might show some problems in starting up properly. The main problem lies often with the condenser unit which due to its location outdoors, is prone to attract all the dust and collect debris. The foliage might also overgrow and block the passage of air. In these cases, use can attend to some of the problems but not all. Central air conditioning repair is the job of a technician and has to be handled by someone who knows the complexities of the system.

How to check, clean and maintain the condenser unit?

Cleaning and maintaining the condenser unit is the only way to keep the fans of the air conditioner unit running but it is not always possible to do on own. The condenser unit is a large fan with protective grilles and is contained in a big metal box. The large fan moves the air across the radiator style condenser coils. Often these coils get clogged when too much of dirt accumulates on them. Unclean and clogged coils affect the efficiency of the condenser to work at its best thereby increasing your energy consumption and monthly bills.

To every professional air conditioners NYC technician, cleaning the condenser is a part of their normal central air conditioning repair job and they do it with ease. The sides are first removed and the panels or the protective grilles are taken out. Care should be taken while removing these parts as some of it might be heavy. Moreover, the wires connected to the fan are not to be tampered with.

Central air conditioning repair job requires certain special equipment. Keeping this at home might be handy if you ever try your hand in cleaning the coils. A soft brush or a refrigerator coil brush is used to gently clean the exterior of the unit. Care should be taken while cleaning the fins as they might bend if too much force is used on them. Or else a fin comb can be used to straighten the fins.

Handling the tough debris is challenging part of central air conditioning repair. A commercial coil cleaner has to be sprayed from the inside but not on the fan or the other component parts. Professionals generally do this with a hose with a trigger style nozzle to get rid of the dust and debris with the help of a powerful stream. The base of the condenser needs attention too. Mud, debris, leaves are to be removed and the drain unclogged.

The blower’s fan blades have to be cleaned dry. If the central air conditioner unit has oil ports, then lubricating it with some lightweight oil is also a good idea. Once these are done, the mounting bolts have to be tightened and excess water mopped up prior to putting the condenser together again.

Central air condition repair is a complex job and calls for professional help only. There are many air conditioner installation NYC company that can lend you a helping hand.

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