Turn Sultry Summer Months Colder With Timely Air Conditioning Service NYC

Air Conditioning

Earlier in any modern household, the television was the main focus. It was that one electronic device in the house that could hardly be done without. But this was when the mercury did not use to shoot up so high and the summer months were comfortable under the fan or enjoyable outdoors on a hammock. Fast forward to present times and one can hardly spend a few minutes without an air conditioning machine running on full blast. Air conditioners NYC have become an integral part of our lives, quite unknowingly. However, if homeowners want their air conditioner machines to keep on working uninterrupted during the hot months, then proper air conditioning service NYC from Five Borough AC is recommended.

Air conditioning service NYC is mandatory and it is better that the servicing takes place during the Spring or Fall as our technicians are a little less busier that they usually are.

At Five Borough AC, we have experience of handling all kinds of brands of air conditioners. We know that it is a tough piece of equipment that you would need to run without any problem during the sweaty months. That is why we recommend timely air conditioning service NYC from us. We are willing to send the team over to look at your ac machine according to your convenience.

The air conditioning service NYC is no rocket science and it usually does not cause you a lot of problem. The servicing procedure generally includes some routine check ups of the major component parts of the ac machine. We generally follow a checklist during our servicing procedure which covers the following:

  • Cleaning condensing unit coils
  • Oiling the fan motors
  • Checking the filters and replacing the same when and as required
  • Checking the amp draw of the compressor
  • Checking the system operating pressures and temperatures
  • Checking the coolant level

Apart from the points mentioned above, we also advise the homeowners always to buy original ac machine parts in case of any replacement. Plus, the condenser unit placed outside the home needs to be kept clear from any kind of obstruction from foliage or debris. Also, we recommend homeowners not to close the supply air outlets which might affect the performance of the ac system.

Proper maintenance and timely air conditioning service is the main cause for ac machines to keep running without showing any problem signs. We can prove that without that maintenance process in place, you are actually losing nearly 5 percent of the efficiency of your ac machine and this might go on depleting every year. However, a proper annual tune up can rule out that probability. A problem free ac machine not only helps in dehumidifying your home but will also save you on your monthly electric bill and definitely reduced costs on ac repair. At Five Borough AC, you will find us providing the servicing that your ac needs and ensure that we will not ask you to pay for any service that we did not provide.