How to Maintain Your Air Conditioner

AC Maintenance

Of most of the electrical appliances in your house, it is the air conditioner that is one of the complex units that you have around and because of the many components this equipment has, it is the toughest one to clean and maintain. You can always call for a technician for air conditioning maintenance New York City for AC repair and services but they even ask the owner to try their hands at air conditioning maintenance to keep the equipment in good shape.

Tips to Maintain your Air Conditioner

There are some tips that good air conditioning maintenance New York City companies offer for air conditioning maintenance. Follow them and you can see your air conditioner performing efficiently.

How to Maintain the Air Conditioner Filters

The filters of your air conditioner ask for routine cleaning. If the filters are dirty or they are clogged with dirt or dust, then it might affect the working mechanism of your air conditioner. Technician handling HVAC maintenance says that the air flow is subsequently restricted due to unclean filters. When the dirt obstructs the normal airflow, it not only increases the energy consumption levels but dirt may reach from the filters to the evaporator coil thus decreasing the equipment’s ability to absorb heat. While some of the filters can be reused once they are cleaned, there are some air conditioner filters that might be so damaged that it had to be replaced. That is why it is a cardinal rule of air conditioning maintenance to clean the filters every month or two and many times during the cooling season when the air conditioner is put to maximum use.

Maintaining the Air Conditioner Coils

Every air conditioner has two types of: the evaporator coil and the condenser coil and both are equally prone to collect dirt if not kept clean. It is better to ask an Air Conditioning maintenance New York city technician to have a look at the coils and clean them as required, but this is something you can also do yourself, in case a technician is not available. Check for the outdoor condenser coils as they are prone to get dirty more and clogged due to foliage and weed growth. The fins of the condenser unit are to be kept clean and all foliage growth should be removed from around the condenser.

Cleaning the Condensate Drains and the Window Seals

From time to time, check the condensate drain your air conditioner. If the drains channels are clogged due to dirt and debris, the air conditioner will not be able to control humidity levels. This might result in making the air around the house uncomfortable. HVAC maintenance technicians also instruct to check the seals between the air conditioner and the window frame from time to time. If the seal is ruined, then cool air escapes from your home.

Following these simple tips is easy. Though it is always a good idea to ask an expert for air conditioning maintenance and service from time to time, it also pays off if you can take care of the equipment as much as possible.